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Aluminum Patio Covers

Aluminum patio covers from Integrity Patio Covers offer a way to cool your home during the blistering very long time of summer. They can likewise shield your furnishings and ground surface from blurring. Aluminum patio covers won’t rust, crack, warp or peel. What’s more, not normal for the wood covers our aluminum solid patio covers come with factory-backed warranties. Our aluminum patio covers are built to code with factory-backed engineering. Each cover built by Integrity Patio Covers has a building permit from the city or county that you live in. We will manufacture each cover to the codes of the city or province.

Custom Patio Designs

Our Custom Made Patio Covers are the ideal decision for your open-air living space. With its maintenance-free design, you will never need to repaint or stain your patio ever again. Our patio covers are designed to meet the tough Californian sun. Tweak your patio covers with a combination of different wood grain color options and our choice of beam end cuts. With the look of wood but the durability of metal, you will have a wonderful Patio Cover for the life of your home.​

Patio Awnings

When you need the best patio awnings to offer, Integrity Patio has you covered – literally! We have an amazing selection of quality patio covers and custom outdoor awnings designed to accommodate your particular needs. Protect yourself from the scorching sun, with a designer patio awning for your home. Our experienced staff and patio cover manufacturers are here to help every step of the way.

Lattice Patio Covers

Lattice construction means that your patio roof will be formed by crossing and fastening metal pieces together, leaving a square space in the middle of each piece so it looks like a framework or trellis. With a sense of popular colors to choose from, you can choose a lavishly textured finish that complements your home. Our Lattice alternative adds elegance and appeal to any exterior space, and our utilization of Alumawood implies your patio cover won’t crack, peel, fade or rot over time. Talk about a smart investment!

Insulated Patio Covers

Insulated patio covers resemble another patio cover except for a 3″ thick foam inclusion that’s sandwiched between the aluminum material wont to shape the rooftop. The insulated construction still offers the same low-maintenance characteristics that are the sign of our standard insulated covers. They likewise come standard with a limited lifetime warranty that is superior to the average patio cover warranty. Our insulated covers are emblazoned to resemble the natural beauty of cedar and real wood grain. This American-made aluminum product is climate-safe and built to last.

Solid Patio Covers

With a solid patio cover, you can enjoy the outdoors regardless of the blistering sun or heavy storm. You can unwind in the fresh air in the wake of a long work day, and enjoy the fact that your patio has you covered! Furthermore, the decrease in UV rays and other elements aid in expanding the life of your patio furniture and your enjoyment alike.

Alumawood Patio Covers

​​Alumawood patio covers are patio covers made up of aluminum. Its shade structures possess an emblazoned surface designed to resemble the feel of a wood grain finish. Thanks to its construction material, our patio covers require less maintenance and upkeep than traditional wooden products and won’t crack, peel, or rot. Create a secure, shady, and cozy outdoor area where you’ll entertain family and friends under your new Alumawood patio cover as an efficient method for expanding your outdoor space and protecting your guests from the tough elements.

Ellitewood Patio Covers

Elitewood Patio Covers have a unique aluminum composition that offers comfort, peace of mind, and long-lasting durability. With Elitewood Patio Covers, rest assured that your investment won’t just look extraordinary and add visual intrigue to your home, however, it will likewise stand the trial of time. Integrity Patio Covers is so confident in their patio covers that they offer a Lifetime Warranty on the entirety of their Elitewood products.​